Instrument Rental Program
For Online Rentals:

Name brand instruments with required mouthpieces are provided through Music & Arts Center: Yamaha, Gemeinhardt, Selmer, Bach, King, Holton, Buffet, Jupiter, etc.

No deposit required when enrolling in EZ pay with credit card. OR deposit of $125.00 will qualify you for a rental instrument for a Group A & B instrument and $225.00 for Group C & D instruments.

All rentals have available an optional LDW (loss, damage waiver) Policy, which is added to the rental amount.  The LDW is a basic insurance policy covering repairs necessary to keep the instrument in playing condition.  If the LDW is accepted, there are NO CHARGES FOR REPAIRS AS LONG AS YOU RENT AND ARE CURRENT ON PAYMENTS!

Our rental program does not add interest or finance charges.  First month rental is $5.00 through the end of October, 2017! (Group D is $15.00.) This is a rent-to-own program with no penalty for cancellation of contract upon return of the instrument.

You can purchase the instrument outright at any time and get a 30% discount off the remaining balance.  If your child and/or director decide that a change of instruments is appropriate, you do not forfeit any monies paid from the rental start date.  The monies are credited toward the new instrument rental.  Exception: You cannot go from Group B or C to Group A.

Monthly Rental Rates
**Prices are subject to change**

Group A: Close-hole Flutes, Plastic Clarinets, Brass Trumpets, Cornets, Tenor Trombone, Bell Kit, Drum Kit, or Percussion Combo Kit

$29.99 rental + LDW $3.99 + tax = $36.78/month
$29.99 rental w/o LDW + tax = $32.46/month

Group B: Open-hole Flutes, Wooden Clarinets (Vandoren 5RV Lyre mouthpiece included),Trigger "F"-attachment Trombones
$39.99 rental + LDW $4.99 + tax = $48.69/month
$39.99 rental w/o LDW + tax = $43.28/month
Trigger "F"-Attachment Trombones
$43.99 rental + LDW 4.99 + tax = $53.02/month
$43.99 rental w/o LDS + tax = $47.62
Group C: Alto Saxophone, Oboe, Marimba or Xylophone
$49.99 rental + LDW $5.99 + tax = $60.60/month
$49.99 rental w/o LDW + tax = $54.11/month

Group D:  French Horn, Tenor Saxophone, Piccolo, Bass Clarinet or Baritone Horn
$69.99 rental + LDW $7.99 + tax = $84.41/month
$69.99 rental w/o LDW + tax =$75.76/month

With a Clarinet or Saxophone rental, we offer a box of reeds as needed at our usual school discount: Clarinet reeds $27.00 retail $43.99; Alto Sax reeds $34.00 retail $54.99; V12 clarinet $35.00 retail $56.99.

We strive to have in stock any necessary accessories needed for your child's instrument.  If not, then an immediate order for said accessories will be made and delivered as soon as possible.